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Fri, Oct 31, 2014

The goal of this site is to share my work and experience in web development, design and related techonologies. My hope is to create a useful resource by sharing what I've learned and giving back to the community that has given me so much.

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Commands to Manage the Blog

[ Oct 26, 2014 ] Now that I have a public facing blog all setup I'd like to make it easier to add and edit new posts locally so I can work on them a bit before publishing them live. To accomplish this I've decided to write some console commands. I love writing...

Building Out the Blog

[ Oct 20, 2014 ] I've been going back and forth trying different approaches to add blog functionality to my Silex PHP-MicroFramework application. A lot of what I found on Packagist had way too much functionality or seemed too underdeveloped. So I decided to go with...


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    @kissane 1 minute ago
    Holy shit. RT @dansinker: One last shot. Man, that was fun. http://t.co/yp5dnjjgLK
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    @kissane 3 minutes ago
    Is there a way to opt out of all the gross, inane punditry about What This Means For Space without leaving the internet for a month?


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